Saturday, April 30, 2016

How to use eMMC DL Tool to flash Qualcomm devices


Make sure the device has at least 10% battery life
Do at your own risk!

Download and extract eMMC DL tool from here
Download an extract the Stock ROM of the device you want to Flash or upgrade
Install Qualcomm USB drivers from the extracted folder

Connect the device to PC while holding volume up + volume down. (Some devices require holding only volume up or just volume down)
Once device is connected properly, go to device manager of your PC (Right Click on Computer > Properties > Device Manager)
Expand Port (COM & LPT) and note the port number of Qualcomm HS-Diagnostics
Now launch eMMC DL Tool
Input the COM Port number of Qualcomm HS-Diagnostics after Disk1
Click on FW Path browse button
Navigate and select folder containing the firmware of the device you want to flash
The firmware will be added successfully to eMMc DL Tool

Click DL1 to start flashing or upgrading process
You will see 2 green bars indicating flashing progress
When you see Green Pass, know that flash process is complete

Flashing will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How To Change iPhone's IMEI with ZiPhone Tool

  • Download ZiPhone software here
  • Double click ZiPhone on your desktop to extract folder ZiPhone
  • Press the Window key and "R" at the same time to bring up the Run Window
  • Type in cmd and press the ok button to launch the comand prompt
  • Type the following command to navigate to the ZiPhone directory  *cd Desktop/Ziphone
  • eg: cd Desktop/Ziphone  \Desktop\ziphone>
  • Execute the command "ziphone" to see it's possible uses
  • The program will prompt you to put your iPhone into recovery mode. To do this, please hold down both the sleep/wake and power button until you see the Apple logo. Once the Apple logo appears,release only the sleep/wake button until you see the iTunes logo and cable on the screen
  • If you have a 4.6 BL iPhone you can now activate jailbreak and unlock!
  • Just simply type in this command ziphone-u-i a123456789012345 (replace the numbers with the desired imei of your choice)
  • The program will now search for zibri.dat. then it will search for the iPhone. Once found,it will tell you to wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • After the time,you iPhone will reboot and it will be unlocked with the new imei!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Flashing Custom ROMs, installing unofficial updates or firmwares, can easily destroy (brick) phone’s system. This often make devices unable to boot again. Thus making a CWM backup of your device is always useful.

This tutorial is based on restoring bricked MTK android smart phones using CWM backups.
Make sure the backup you are using is the one of your device else it will not work.
Make sure your device have at least 25% battery life.
If CWM is already installed on the device just scroll down to second part of this tutorial.

Part 1: Installing CWM recovery to the device

  • Download and install universal android adb drivers from here. 
  • Download SP Flash Tools (latest version preferable) from here. 
  • Download scatter file & CWM made recovery.img of the device you want to restore. 
  • Launch SP Flash tools. 
  • Click on Scatter Loader button. 
  • Select the scatter file of the device. 
  • Tick Recovery from the list. 
  • Double click on Recovery and select recovery.img you downloaded. (This must be a CWM made recovery)
  • Click on Download button. 
  • Connect the device Computer. 
  • Wait for Flashing to complete. A green tick or green circle (for older versions) will be seen on the screen. 
  • Disconnect the phone from the computer.

Part 2: Restoring Device With CWM

  • Download and copy the CWM backup folder to your SD Card.
  • Boot to CWM Recovery by holding Vol. up then press Power button for about 3secs.
  • Use Vol.  up & Vol. down keys to Navigate & select Backup/Restore using Power button.
  • Select Restore.
  • Select the backup you want to restore.
  • Wait for the process to complete (process can take about 15mins).
  • Reboot device when process is complete

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Sunday, April 03, 2016


These are FIRMWRES for VINKO basic feature phones
Basi phones with practical functions
like FM Radio, Touch light, Music and long lasting battery.
Flash this ROMs using Miracle Box, Volcano Box, GPG Dragon Box & UpgradeDownload Tool

Download Miracle Box Setup here
Download Miracle Box Crack Setup here
Download Volcano Box Setup here
Download GPG Dragon Box & Crack Setup here
Download UpgradeDownload Tool here
Download feature phone drivers here

Click here for Tools & Drivers Update

Learn how to backup Stock ROMs/FIRMWARES before flashing from here

Learn how to flash this devices using Miracle, Volcano or GPG Dragon Box from here

Learn how to flash this devices using ResearchDownload or UpgradeDownload tool from here

VINKO S5 PLUS STOCK ROM - Flash this ROM using sp flash tool

Please leave a comment after using this Firmwares
Report if you cannot download any of these files.

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